Top 100 Women in Construction Award

Top 100 Women in Construction Award

I am deeply honoured to be included in the winners of the Top 100 Women in Construction for 2020. 

I wish to congratulate all the other winners, as it is such a privilege to be included amongst an amazing array of talented, progressive and inspiring women. This recognition is humbling, but also motivating towards my ambition of continuing to make an impact on the construction community and progressing the values of equality and diversity.

What makes this award so special is that the winners are of all ages, from all walks of life and exemplify achievement in many different fields in the broader construction sector. They were selected for setting high standards of excellence and contributing in ways that inspire us all.

It is fantastic to see that this year Top 100 Women received an overwhelming number of responses from across the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, North America and Africa in nominating women within the broader construction industry for this award.

In this dynamic digital age, the boundaries of a community are limitless. In a sector where women are underrepresented, Top 100 Women empowers them and fosters worldwide, cross-sector and multi-generational connections to form a community that is bound by common interests, problems, insights, and opportunities that traditionally would not exist. It enables an ecosystem to educate, connect, inspire, champion, and push for progress; whilst delivering a safe environment to affirm that everyone belongs, and inspire others to participate.

Throughout my career as a CEO, Director, Mentor and Advisor I have been driven by the desire to innovate and find ‘better and smarter ways’ for buildings, cities and communities to operate. My mission is to transform the notion of ‘how things should be done’, by driving our industry forward and championing innovation to propel the sector globally.

This platform has afforded me the opportunity and privilege to advocate for subjects I am passionate about. I present globally on topics such as digital disruption, innovation, and ecosystem enablement. Additionally, I am also actively involved in social enterprises and conversations relating to international relations and policy developments within the industry. However, my real motivational driver is the pursuit of perpetual learning. I am a regular spokesperson and contributor to educational and research institutions, engaging and seeking to inspire the next generation of leaders, with a key focus on supporting women to pursue leadership roles. This aligns with my passion for promoting diversity, equality and inclusion.

My personal and professional journey has led me to tackle many obstacles, such as debunking stereotypes, leading me to discover my authentic self and developing into an intentional leader. I now aspire to help others realise their own self-worth, develop their voice and actively use it to influence change.

Emma Hendry - Women in Construction Award


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