Emma Hendry

Emma Hendry

Advisor. Mentor. Speaker.


Emma is a leader dedicated to cultivating ideas and businesses that create a brighter future for all.

She partners with you to get to the heart of the challenges your business is solving and applies the latest and smartest innovation, technology, disruptive and inclusive thinking to help people and ideas thrive.

While grounded in strategy and innovation, it is people and ideas that drive Emma.

She is a highly respected and empathetic leader committed to having a positive impact and making a difference.

Emma is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and believes this is vital to developing the new ideas needed to solve the challenges we face.

In Emma’s eyes everyone is a leader and she inspires people to be their best and realise their potential.

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Global Speaking Engagements

in London, Chicago, San Diego, Tokyo, New York, Silicon Valley, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth,

Leadership Awards of Emma

Leadership Awards

including CEO of the Year 2018, 2019 (CEO Magazine Awards) and Business Leader of the Year (MyBusiness)

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Education Collaborations

Collaborations with leading academic institutions